Emerging leader in NDT & Drilling Support Services


JIMCOL RESOURCES NIGERIA LIMTED is the emerging leader in Mudlogging Services with over 7 years of rendering mudlogging services to several clients. We have delivered exploratory/wildcat wells, developmental wells.

Our mudlogging equipment is rated the best in the industry, with cutting edge technology. We have very experienced Mudlogging personnel who are constantly exposed to continuous in-house training and OEM based training. Jimcol Mudlogging personnel have developed and adapted the industry required safety culture that have been recognized with awards by several clients.

extra Services


Information Gathering

Our mudlogging unit serves as hub for information on the well to the client and the drilling contractors. We have a high capacity database that can store data of various wells for decades. Our final well reports, daily drilling
reports, mud logs, etc. are very rich and well detailed


Supply Chain Management

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Box Build

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Post Manufacturing Services

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