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Jimcol employs over 300 personnel across all its business divisions/subsidiaries and has maintained a positive growth path in total revenue and profit in the last 4 years.

Our greatest asset is our personnel that are well resourced and resourceful. We are therefore able to deliver services efficiently and effectively thereby creating immense value for our clients. Where our clients and customers require bespoke solutions, our resourceful personnel are sufficiently innovative to proffer cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.

Featured Projects

Our reputation is best reflected by the calibre of clients we have consistent worked for in the last 5 years. They include ExxonMobil, Shell Petroleum
Development Company, NNPC & its subsidiaries and many others. Our business objective remains to maximise our ethical profits without negative impacts to persons, our immediate environment or communities.

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Where our clients require bespoke solutions, our resourceful personnel are innovative enough to prefer cost effective solution. Our business development roadmap points to our indisputable leadership position in the next 5 years. Why not partner with us for your next project.